Specialist consulting in CAD/CAE

After the acquisition of a CAD/CAE system your organisations' working environment must adapt quickly to ensure the fastest possible achievement of the envisioned efficiency improvement.

Here lies the relevance of the specialist consultation services provided by SRG-E Engineering GmbH:

Your new CAD system is installed; now the envisioned competency and improvements in efficiency must follow to justify your expense. Drawing headers must be set up, layer systems defined or adapted from the old, previously existing data integrated, data structures defined, often already-existing EDM or PDM systems must be integrated, and all of this at a time when you and your colleagues are only beginning to become familiar with the basic operations of the new system.

Mistakes made during this integration phase can come back to haunt the system later. To avoid digital chaos in the future, the initial system adaptations should be made with foresight and the necessary system knowledge.

SRG-E Engineering GmbH supports you in this crucial phase through consultation services and/or active in-house service.

Failure to prepare now, is preparing to fail later!