Negligible faults in planning can often lead to serious competitive disadvantages later on, while relatively small foundational improvements can result in crucial time, cost and competitive gains. We are an experienced provider of electronic CAD/CAE services.

SRG-E Engineering will conceptualise & innovate processes to provide our customers with best system or modular solutions to their specific challenges in the areas of software development, CAD and CAE.

We provide support for developers, suppliers and operators of electrical installations in a variety of industries. SRG-E Engineering, in consultation with our customers, will develop individual solutions optimally suited to their needs. Development and optimisation of systems is carried out in close cooperation with leading software providers. To this process of cooperation, which is orientated towards satisfying the highest industry standards, and extensive technological know-how, SRG brings its own extensive practical service experience.

Our automated document creation service relieves your organisation of routine tasks and decreases the incidents of resultant error. By combining project planning and documentation provision, the burden of these necessary preparations on our customers is minimised.

Our knowledge of and conformance to industry standards ensures an efficient, easily integrated product, while our focus means that our customers enjoy the advantage of optimised productivity while reducing pressure on their internal manpower resources.

Our competencies in brief:

  • Development and optimisation of existing CAD/CAE systems
  • Managing more extensive CAD/CAE projects
  • Receiving dated CAD/CAE data
  • Automated document creation
  • Document conversion & migration
  • Conceptualisation of and consulting on documentation
  • Extension of ECAD/ECAE company standards
  • Delivery & operational support
  • Document maintenance service (CAD provider)

SRG-E Engineering is familiar with the strengths and weakness of the current electro-technical CAD/CAE programmes and is experienced in the application of: