Company Profile

SRG-E Engineering combines know-how, engineering tools & technological competence.

The company was first founded in December 2000 as an Engineering office working in the various fields of electro-technology, information technology, CAD/CAE-consulting services and translation.

We are committet to these goals:

  • Deliver comprehensive engineering services
  • Provide the best possible service quality
  • Deliver all services within the agreed time-frame and to the agreed quality standard
  • Conform to the highest technological standards and norms current in the industry
  • Provide thorough and neutral consultation

Our Know How

The company employs and co-operates with a number of engineers and specialists in Erlangen (Germany). We are specialists in the electrical engineering & energy technology fields. Our partners and colleagues have long been active in these fields. You can be sure that we talk in the same language about your project.

Your Benefits:

  • We will work in your chosen location: in your company or on-site offices, or in our own offices.
  • We are available for external consultation and provision of external personnel.
  • We will work with you within your existing project team or provide external engineering services.
  • Engineering and Systems costs are only incurred by you while you are using these services – we offer you our already functioning infrastructure